The Traveling Duchess

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The Duchess Lynn Rucker | Founder/CEO of ‘The Traveling Duchess’ 

A most illustrious and most excellent lady, her cousins call her "Bird".  Descended from an old and noble family, she was born and raised in the serene and majestic woodland of the great state of Missouri.  She picked up her love of travel from her beloved parents who took great joy in seeing new places as well as visiting family and friends.  In 2014, she wrote of her life and times in her memoir "The Tree Is Calling Me", a delightful read of select stories and the unique cuisine of the region.  In 2012 she wrote the original version of her family genealogy, a labor of love dedicated to her beloved paternal grandmother.  

The Traveling Duchess enjoys walks in the outdoors, swimming, good food, diamonds, music, dancing, champagne, bolero hats, and luxury travel.  She has a passionate interest in the life and legacy of William the Conqueror, King of England as well as the European Renaissance period of history.  A 'Lector Estemed', she volunteers her time as a book reviewer with Open Library, an online library catalog building towards the free access to every book ever published.